Baseball Lessons – Coach Benny Distefano has a long history of experience coaching baseball player at all levels – from Little League to the Major Leagues.  Coach Benny has lived in Houston for many years, and he has been giving baseball lessons to youth players for almost that long.  Coach Benny also coached select teams in the off-season as his son advanced through high school baseball.  His easy-going demeanor is well suited for coaching young baseball players.  The topics covered range from the basics of hitting throwing and fielding to advanced techniques suitable for high school and college players.  Lessons can be dedicated to focus on a specific skill outlined below, or a blend of these focal points in a single lesson.  In addition to running the player through the drills, he teaches the player and the parent so that these drills can be executed independently so the player can advance their own development between lessons.

Hitting Lessons – These lessons begin with the basics of bat grip, stance, and swing mechanics.  As the player matures and masters the fundamentals, Coach Benny refines the hitter’s swing mechanics and starts to address the mental approach to hitting.  Drills range from tee work and soft toss to batting practice in the cage and on the field.  Various drills are incorporated to focus on a particular aspect of hitting. 

Throwing Lessons – Proper throwing technique is important to avoid arm injuries as players grow.  Coach Benny works with younger players to build the foundation for proper throwing techniques with younger players.  These lessons emphasize proper grip, arm angle, body positioning, and footwork to help kids master the foundational skill of throwing with velocity and accuracy. 

Fielding Lessons – Whether your son or daughter plays infield, outfield, or both, Coach Benny covers the techniques required to thrive as a player from beginner to advanced level.  A wide range of drills will be used to address the approach to the ball, footwork and body positioning, glove positioning, and transitioning from fielding to throwing. 

Pitching Lessons – As with general Throwing Lessons outlined above, sound mechanics are important both for pitching effectiveness and for arm safety.  Benny works with younger players on the mound to help instill proper technique which translates to pitching performance.  As the player develops beyond the basics, the player is introduced to the mental aspect of pitching as well.  Lessons will range from bullpen sessions to drills designed to emphasize a specific skill set for the pitcher. 

Catching Lessons – Coach Benny works to develop the skills and mental approach that allow a player to become the quarterback on the baseball field.  Topics covered include basic receiving of pitches, blocking and footwork, framing pitches, catcher throws, and how to strategically call pitches as the catchers get older.  Who better to teach your ballplayer than the only guy to overcome being left-handed and still catch in the big leagues in the last 30+ years?

Staffing: Coach Benny utilizes an assistant at most lessons, which increases what can be accomplished during your lesson time.  This helps to optimize your investment in paying for lessons. 

Lesson Types: Individual baseball lessons are the most common, as they allow Coach Benny to focus exclusively on one player with little down-time.  Group lessons are also available if you have several kids that would like to learn the game together.  Coach Benny can also work with teams during practices to address specific coaching/development needs.  In this type of role, Coach Benny can also teach techniques and drills to coaches who can then reinforce the skills on an ongoing basis (Train the Trainer concept).

Areas Served: Lessons locations vary depending on field availability. Locations typically used include Bayland Park and Westbury High School. Baseball players from all over the Houston metro area have taken hitting, fielding, pitching, and catching lessons from Benny Distefano over the years. A significant number of youth players he has worked with in recent years have played in Bellaire Little League, West University Little League, Westbury Little League, Bayland Little League, Lamar Little League, and Rosenberg National Little League. He also provides lessons for many kids in the Pearland, Sienna Plantation, Richmond, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands areas. Coach Benny has also been instructing baseball players from Bellaire High School, Lamar High School, Strake Jesuit College Prep, St. Johns School, The Kinkaid School, Episcopal High School, and Second Baptist High School.


Lesson TypeRate
Private Lesson – Field or Cage$95/Hr
Group Lesson – Field or Cage$105/Hr
Team Practices$115/Hr
League Clinics – Contact to Discuss – Volunteer Opportunity